14 marzo 2016

Dave Stewart rende omaggio allo scomparso Keith Emerson, un suo eroe di gioventù, ricordando l'epoca (circa 1967) in cui andava a seguirne le prodezze in concerto al Marquee Club con il gruppo The Nice, per poi provare ad emularne le gesta: "Keith did things with the Hammond organ that made our jaws drop. When he wasn’t actually playing the thing, he would climb on it, leap over it, stick knives in it, whip it, lie underneath it, turn it on and off, flail his arms up and down the keys, crash the reverb spring, bash its innards with a drum stick and generally behave like a lunatic. Although at an age when such displays of mayhem were bound to make a big impression, we couldn’t help but notice that Keith’s playing was pretty special, too. His ability to compose and improvise, working jazz and classical elements into a powerful rock style, and his instinct for creating stunning original sounds set him apart from any keyboard player I had heard before. In fact, in his blending of the physical and the cerebral, he reminded me of another favourite musician, Jimi Hendrix. Keith did for rock keyboards what Jimi Hendrix did for the guitar - I don’t think you can pay someone a much higher compliment than that! In my humble way I went on to play a bit of keyboards myself, and of course the first serious instrument I got was a Hammond L100, just like Keith’s. We’ll draw a veil over the injuries I sustained trying to emulate my hero - cuts to the hands from attempted windmill keyboard sweeps, near-concussion and severely bruised pride when a trailing leg caught on the music stand during a failed leap over the organ, the endless bashed fingers and lifelong backaches caused by lifting this heavy instrument up flights of stairs into gigs. But what the hell… it was worth it. I’m proud to have been influenced by such a great musician as Keith Emerson, the man who single-handedly (well, double-handedly actually) put keyboards in the spotlight."

Di Emerson con The Nice scrive anche Richard Williams al suo blog The Blue Momenthttp://thebluemoment.com/2016/03/14/keith-emerson-1944-2016