10 marzo 2016

Del doppio cd dei Wilde Flowers recentemente compilato da Floating World scrive Tom Pinnock sul numero di questo mese di Uncut: una versione dell'articolo è al sito online della rivista, dove è riportato anche uno scambio di battute con Robert Wyatt.

"In hindsight, the level of talent involved in The Wilde Flowers never seemed to be their problem – indeed, on the evidence of these two discs, they appeared to suffer from a surfeit of ideas, members and avenues that they wished to explore, leaving their identity perhaps a little too fluid for the casual listeners of the mid-’60s. As they neared the end of their existence, London’s countercultural underground exploded, the UFO Club opened and teenagers were suddenly content to sit and listen to melancholic, expansive music – only then would many of the Flowers find their own audiences. Yet, over 50 years on, these seeds of the Canterbury Scene are worthy of rediscovery."