17 marzo 2016

Deve molto all'esempio dei Residents - ma tra le sue più grandi passioni figurano anche Varèse, Zappa, Rowe e Wyatt - il musicista improbabile Alain De Filippis, che nella sua opera ha esplorato i tratti poetici paradossali e contraddittori della giustapposizione sonora e del collage. A sei anni dalla scomparsa la francese InPolySons pubblica il suo primo documento in vinile, Musicien Improbable. In catalogo offre anche un'antica audiocassetta, De Mémoire d'Os (1987), realizzata all'epoca dei suoi studi su suoni, ambienti e animali preistorici.

Alain De Filippis creations inevitably overstep the partitions of art practices. Self-made musician, he worked for theater, investigated new sound effect technics, new soundscapes and concerts-intallations. His first published composition has been recorded for a series of mini-cd (Le Cinéma pour l'Oreille, Metamkine 1993) and was called Ton Dieu ne s'appelle-t-il pas égo?  He worked with Serge Boulier & la Cie Bouffou Théâtre for Tête d'Affriche (1996) and Petites Musiques de Bruits (1999) (a CD has been released on Ground Fault Recordings, in 2001). He revered Robert Wyatt and he created Heli Plop for a CD-Book at Æncrages & Co edition, re-issued in the compilation CD MW pour Robert Wyatt at InPolySons. On his way on experimental music, he met the guitarist Keith Rowe. The webzine City Vox indicated: "sound designer and decorator, activities and tags that mask most of the essential: a fascinating and poetic little inner music that guides achievments and findings of Alain De Filippis". His references? Varèse, Zappa, The Residents (without them, he would never dare)...