30 marzo 2016

Lo annuncia Martin Archer tra le prossime uscite per la sua etichetta, Discus Music: "Very pleased to announce that Discus 56CD will be a release of The Nine Dances Of Patrick O'Gonogon, composed by Keith Tippett and performed by the Keith Tippett Octet.  This major new work was commissioned by Richard Wiltshire and beautifully recorded at Real World Studio, and is based on themes from Irish folk music. It's a very attractive and creative work and of course it's very pleasing to include Keith in the stable of Discus artists at last."
L'album entrerà a breve nelle sue ultime fasi di produzione, e sarà pronto prevedibilmente a settembre: lo si può sostenere e prenotare già ora tramite Kickstarter.