09 marzo 2016

Non suonavano insieme da una dozzina d'anni, Howard Riley e Keith Tippett. Tornano a farlo stasera a Londra, al Pizza Express di Soho, ospiti dello Steinway Festival. Dice Riley di questo progetto a quattro mani, esordito nel 1981: "We just sit down and, literally, improvise. It's not planned. We don't discuss it. It just happens. It's a sort of spiritual thing, almost. It's very free in the real sense of the word, and we always enjoy playing together. Keith is very open to musical ideas, that's important, in that situation where you're thrown back on your own resources. We have a vocabulary that happens to come from playing with each other, from listening hard and years of experience of playing with different people … and it does work very well. You've got to trust each other and just get down there and play. It's always worked when we start playing. There's always slight anxiety when playing, but not with me and Keith."

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