08 aprile 2016

Il doppio cd è in circolazione per Emanem già da qualche mese, ma se ne tiene oggi il lancio ufficiale con un concerto a Londra alla chiesa parrocchiale di St Michael and All Angels di Walthamstow: Tuning Out, un'esperienza di ascolto profondo con Jon Rose, Veryan Weston e Hannah Marshall.

If I may echo my old pal Samuel Beckett, this is the dog’s bollocks. Not a toe-tapper but a unique aural experience filled with microtonality, inspired playing, extraordinary aesthetic affinities and real focus. Taken from live concert recordings made in English churches last year (Liverpool, York, Newcastle, Sheffield and London) that were selected for their possession of tracker action organs (in which there is a mechanical link between keys, stops, pedals and the valve that regulates airflow, allowing for incredibly rich timbral, harmonic and pitch variations). Cellist Hannah Marshall and violinist Jon Rose complete this extraordinarily sensitive and flexible trio characterised by (if it isn’t an oxymoron) understated virtuoso playing. The result is a music that defies all categorisation. The dog’s bollocks. Nice package, literate sleeve-notes. Deep-listening rewarded, best in single doses.