22 maggio 2016

Tre intensi giorni di repliche a Londra, al CLF Theatre di Peckham, per l'atteso spettacolo di musica e teatro Here Come The Rattling Trees messo in opera dagli High Llamascon storie dialoghi e sceneggiatura originali testati in pubblico per la prima volta un paio d'anni fa e un omonimo album disponibile da qualche mese per Drag City. Per un centinaio di spettatori per volta, fino al 25 maggio.

Here Come The Rattling Trees is an album driven by narratives, which is performed as a kind of re-shaped, Theatre blending live music and spoken work. The piece centres around Peckham-based publicist Amy who learns about the history and the gentrified development of Peckham through five of Peckham Square’s distinguished locals: a plumber, a cafe worker in her sixties, a decorator, a housewife and a health fanatic. The narrative is accompanied by instrumental passages from the album ‘Here Come the Rattling Trees’ gently carrying the audience along a journey of mixed nostalgia of Peckham past into Peckham future.
The High Llamas write and perform “inspired baroque pop from sunny California to Peckham High Street” (Mojo). The brain child of singer and guitarist Sean O’Hagan, these Peckham locals have an impressive discography stretching back to the early 90s. The Llamas combine a colourful array of electric, acoustic and synthetic instruments coupled with O’Hagan’s gentled vocals, a sound that has been honed to perfection over their various releases and one that are deployed incredibly effectively in this production - providing an incisive and sympathetic look at the small wonders of everyday life.