03 maggio 2016

Una brutta caduta e le cure necessarie alla riabilitazione della caviglia impediranno a Charles Hayward di far fronte ai numerosi impegni dei prossimi mesi, primo tra tutti il nuovo atteso concerto di This Is Not This Heat previsto per il 17 giugno al Barbican di Londra. Concerto non cancellato, ma rinviato al 4 marzo del 2017, stesso posto, stessa ora (e stesso biglietto, per chi già lo aveva prenotato).

This Is Not This Heat’s Barbican Hall date – scheduled for Friday 17 June – has unfortunately had to be postponed. Drummer Charles Hayward recently sustained a serious ankle injury and has received medical advice that a lengthy recovery period is required. The new Barbican Hall concert date – featuring the same line-up – has been confirmed for Saturday 4 March 2017.
Charles Hayward stated: ‘we want to play the music but I took a fall and I’m going to need a while to recover and to get back to where I need to be to play with the strength the music needs. Lots of love from me, Charles Bullen and all the players in This Is Not This Heat. We will see you again in a while.’
On the 13 February 1976, experimental rock band This Heat played its first show. Now, 40 years later, founding members Charles Bullen and Charles Hayward reunite, joined by a host of special guests, to perform new interpretations of their music.
Arguably the most inventive band to emerge from the UK’s fruitful DIY scene in the 70s, This Heat’s career may have been short-lived, but its legacy continues to grow in stature and relevance. Still sounding as wild and original as when it was written, their music has as much in common with modern composers like John Cage as their art-rock contemporaries Gang of Four and The Pop Group.
Matching jagged post-punk guitar sounds with hard rhythms, dub production techniques and tape loops, here the band’s twisting, freeform songs are fully realised live, with guests including Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), James Sedwards and Thurston Moore adding new textures to their expansive sound.