19 maggio 2016

Una piccola delegazione della Uncommon Orchestra di Mike Westbrook partecipa oggi - alle 16.30, ora locale - al programma radiofonico In Tune di Radio 3 della BBC per presentare dal vivo qualche passaggio dello spettacolo che non ha mai fine: A Bigger Show.

Ha scritto Andy Robson, per Jazzwise: "It shouldn't be allowed. At an age when they should be revelling in their freedom passes, the Westbrooks refuse to compromise with the Furies and instead, like all great artists, they grasp life and dare to reflect it back to us in all its tainted glory. A Bigger Show is a sprawling big band project featuring three very different vocalists and a roaring chorus of brass. Building on the premise that life is a circus, with the Internet offering all the treats and tricks of the fairground, the Westbrooks, as they have done for for decades, have brought together voices from the local community, long time pals, theatre, cabaret and Mingus-scaled arrangements to enchant, thrill, scare, baffle and boggle us. The whole drives on, mixing ascerbic intellect with unfettered emotions, notably on the blues-soaked dynamics of Gas, Dust, Stone. A pledge to life, love and the future. The show must go on, bigger, better, forever."