09 giugno 2016

A sorprendersi un po' dell'esistenza del documento, più o meno ufficiale, è per primo lo stesso Chris Cutler, che lo diffonde prontamente tramite ReR nel doppio formato in vinile e compact disc: Etron Fou Leloublan dal vivo all'evento di Rock In Opposition, uno di quelli originali, al New London Theatre il 12 marzo 1978. I brani offerti dal trio - allora Guigou Chenevier, Ferdinand Richard e Francis Grand - ai circa cinquecento presenti erano Pourrissement Des Organes Intérieurs, Sololo Brigida, Nave De Bilande, Le Fleuve Et Le Manteau, Face À L'extravagante Montée Des Ascenseurs Nous Resterons Fidèles à Notre Calme Détermination, Percutant Reportage Au Pays Des Fées. Scrive Cutler: "Not sure how the band tracked down this very plausible recording made at the obscurely famous RIO festival in 1978, but here it is, cleaned up and pressed into vinyl. The sound is good, clear and persuasive, with the occasional minor glitch. This was Etron Fou in their prime, totally on top of their frantic, complicated and highly eccentric programme. Bonuses: Ferdinand’s spoken introductions, a rare, highly individual solo from drummer Guigou Chenevier (don’t worry, it’s not the usual crash-fest) and great playing from everyone. In a class of one, EFL had their own unique take on what you can get away with, and they’d evolved their own musical language, remaining adamantly French - that’s why they were part of RIO, of course - with a strong penchant for the bizarre. It’s hard to remember there are only three of them with all that stuff going on. And a little tranche of history... "