27 giugno 2016

Different Times, Different Places: un secondo volume di rarità e sessioni inedite di Harry Miller con amici e compagni di tante avventure - Keith Tippett, Louis Moholo, Trevor Watts e Alan Wakeman tra gli altri - intessute tra il dicembre 1977 e il settembre 1982, e ricomposte in prezioso arazzo per l'etichetta Ogun dal compianto Mike King.

Fantastic work from the late bassist Harry Miller – an artist whose rich contributions to the British jazz scene are only finally being given their due, thanks to a wonderful collection of unreleased material like this! Miller was a key force in linking the sounds of the South African Blue Notes group with some of the freer sides of the British scene in the 70s – a role that he played both as a musician, and as a warmly encouraging contemporary – one who would often hide his own presence behind that of other artists – all the while inspiring them with his own energy and vision. This collection adds some beautiful Miller material to the all-too-short list of records issued under his own name – and it draws from three different unreleased sets, all of them pretty darn wonderful! Reedman Trevor Watts is on all three sessions – as is drummer Louis Moholo – and this core trio collaborate with reedman Alan Wakeman and guitarist Bernie Holland on the track "Orange Grove" – then move to work with Wakeman and pianist Keith Tippett on "Miss Liz, The Magician", and "Door Key". The last three tracks – "Ikaya", "Mofolo", and "Down South" – feature beautiful trombone from Alan Tomlinson and trumpet from Dave Holdsworth – and all the titles have that mix of blue chords and soulful currents that we love in the Blue Notes' work, with some occasional freer moments on the solos.