19 giugno 2016

Dovesse servire una copia in vinile viola dell'album di esordio delle Slits, Cut (1979), Rough Trade ne ha duemila esemplari: http://tinyurl.com/z7mzd9c

Scrive Vivien Goldman: "The outrage of Cut started with the sleeve of the girls almost naked, on their own terms, in an arguably romantic homage to the Papua New Guinea mudmen and indigenous peoples everywhere; a preoccupation shared with their firebrand friends, The Pop Group... Rather than titillating them, guys who usually enjoyed the bare-breasted Page 3 Sun girls of the time were alarmed by the girls’ defiant stance – a typical Slits perception flip. In the grooves, Cut epitomized what Marley called the Punky Reggae Party. How clever to ask Dennis Bovell of the pioneering UK British reggae band Matumbi to produce; his Sufferers Sound System was a favourite neighbourhood rave, and his productions made several chart hits out of British reggae and Lover’s Rock."