14 giugno 2016

Inizia oggi con un concerto all'I'klectik e prosegue nei giorni successivi una miniserie di eventi londinesi che vedranno variamente protagonista Tim Hodgkinson, nelle vesti tanto di musicista quanto di relatore per la presentazione del suo libro Music and the Myth of Wholeness. Con lui saranno nelle diverse occasioni Hannah Marshall, Paul May, Yumi Hara, Guy Harries, Geraldine Swayne e John Greaves. Informazioni: http://tinyurl.com/zlomqe6

The continued association shared by the former members of Henry Cow (and their ceaseless inspiration to work either collectively and individually) remains a gift that keeps on giving. Over the course of a single week in London this month, Henry Cow reeds-and-keyboard player Tim Hodgkinson (arguably the band’s most prolific and rigorously avant-garde member) plays at two shows at the Iklectik Arts Lab, one of which also features his old Cow sparring partner John Greaves as well as two vigorously creative women from the younger generation of the ever-broadening Cow/Faust/Rock In Opposition avant-rock circles. In between, he’s launching a book and delivering a talk on his own concept of musicality, complete with another live musical performance.