08 giugno 2016

L'australiana Room40, nella persona del suo curatore Lawrence English, ha convinto David Shea a comporre ed eseguire di persona un intero album di musiche per solo pianoforte. Una sfida non da poco, e da questi mai affrontata prima, ma l'esito è positivo: Piano I.

"Although I’ve always played and performed on keyboards in my solo and ensemble works - dice Shea - I never took on the huge task of being able to play the technically challenging (at least by my standards) the type of scores I had written for others. So I spent a year unravelling my past approach to composing for piano and explored my own physical technique. No preparations, no samples, no extended electronics or reliance on my past sample acoustic techniques. The result of this year of practice, writing, listening, exploring and recording is this CD. Whether or not it is significant that a work is purely acoustic, prepared or electro-acoustically treated, fully composed or improvised, extended or played traditionally etc, were not the central issues for me. It was this time spent with the piano, the ritual of playing and this re-working of my own physical and conscious process that forms the core of these pieces."