30 luglio 2016

C'è tempo tutto agosto per contribuire in anticipo alla realizzazione del cd Piano-Live che Mike Westbrook intende ricavare dai concerti parigini di una decina di giorni fa. Le registrazioni sono state curate da Jon Hiseman, e a pubblicare l'album a ottobre - in tempo perciò per la partecipazione di Mike al London Jazz Festival 2016 a novembre - sarà la Asc Records. Della natura del progetto dice Kate Westbrook: "In our house in Devon I am fortunate to hear Mike in his music room play, as he works on a new composition, explores favourite Ellington tunes or improvises on themes of his own and from across the spectrum of genres. This piano solo recording aims to capture that intimate relationship between Mike and the piano."

The album A Bigger Show, by The Uncommon Orchestra, was released in the Spring to mark Mike Westbrook’s 80th birthday. In contrast Piano-Live features the composer as solo pianist. Mike plays the Steinway Concert Grand in Helene Aziza’s remarkable Paris art gallery and music venue. The state-of-the-art recording is by Jon Hiseman. Mike improvises on themes from his musical history, on songs from the Kate and Mike Westbrook Songbook, and on material drawn from Jazz, Popular Music and the Blues. Our previous release, A Bigger Show, was supported by more than a hundred Patrons from all over the world, their names credited in the CD booklet. Westbrook Jazz proposes a similar scheme to support the production of the Piano-Live album. If you would like to become a Patron please email at admin@westbrookjazz.co.uk