16 luglio 2016

Emanem pubblica un bell'album di Richard 'Duck' Baker, artista e maestro del fingerstyle applicato anche in contesti di free jazz e improvvisazione. Si intitola Outside, e raduna registrazioni inedite di diverse epoche: Calgary 1977, Londra 1982 e Torino 1983. Delle più antiche, un paio delle quali in duo con Eugene Chadbourne, scrive nelle note di copertina il chitarrista: "The tracks here that were recorded in Calgary had their genesis in my meeting Eugene Chadbourne in Toronto in September of 1975. He was performing there and I happened to be passing through so we got together and did some informal playing, which was exciting for me as I had not at that point encountered other guitarists who were playing free music. The following year I drove through Calgary to visit Eugene and also met another fine guitarist who was living there at the time, Randy Hutton, and in 1977 Eugene set up some gigs for the three of us, and we recorded a piece of his called Two Peafowl which he released as one side of his Guitar Trios LP. As I remember, I also made two more trips to Calgary during the next couple of years, the last after Eugene had moved to New York (in 1978). On that last occasion I did at least one concert with Randy, and we did some things in the studio, too. I have a feeling that White With Foam and the improv Shovelling Snow may date from that occasion, but there is no way to be certain. Likewise, the two duos with Eugene may have been recorded at the same time as Two Peafowls or on another 1977 trip. I’m not sure why he never released these himself, not only because I like the performances but because the writing is excellent, and I am not aware of him ever having returned to these pieces."