13 luglio 2016

Importante pubblicazione atta a far maggior luce su alcuni aspetti dell'Allen Ginsberg cantante - non il cantore, poeta e bardo - indicati solo in parte da precedenti documenti: The Last Word on First Blues, tre cd con materiali noti e molti inediti del periodo 1971-1981 compilati e prodotti da Pat Thomas per Omnivore Recordings.

The poetry of Allen Ginsberg was a foundational influence on the counter culture, informing folk, rock & roll, and punk, establishing a vocabulary that was as profane and fearless as it was beautiful and transcendent. But while his contributions to the discographies of Bob Dylan and the Clash are well documented, his own musical explorations have been less publicized. With the release of Omnivore Recordings’ The Last Word on First Blues, a three-disc set featuring material recorded in 1971, 1976, and 1981, producer Pat Thomas has gone a long way toward illuminating this singing side of Ginsberg. Featuring contributions from Dylan, avant-garde cellist Arthur Russell, an appearance by Don Cherry on kazoo, David Mansfield, Steven Taylor, Peter Orlovsky, and many more, the sessions presented here are wild, loose, and celebratory. The recordings encompass far out country, gospel sweetness, jug band reveries, swinging jazz, and blues, effectively presenting a template for future freak folk weirdness, playing in sandboxes similar to those of his friends the Fugs and Holy Modal Rounders.