19 luglio 2016

La portoghese Clean Feed suggella discograficamente il primo incontro di Evan Parker (sassofono tenore) e Alexander Hawkins (pianoforte) sul terreno del dialogo a due: Leaps in Leicester, un concerto all'Embrace Arts di Leicester del 27 febbraio 2015.

Saxophone colossus Evan Parker is no stranger to the duo format with a pianist, and the recordings with the likes of Agustí Fernández, Sylvie Courvoisier, Matthew Shipp, Georg Graewe, Stan Tracey, Borah Bergman and John Tilbury are there to confirm it. His encounter with Alexander Hawkins isn’t just one more experience in that context, however. Leaps in Leicester may put him in known territory instrumentally (after all, which contexts hasn’t Parker seen over the course of his illustrious career?); but it’s not the context which provides the route to new directions here, so much as the personality of the individual with whom the dialogue is developed. A self-taught improviser and composer, Alexander Hawkins is one of a kind and the best partner possible for someone as unique as Parker. Although over recent years Hawkins has appeared in various Parker-led formations (ranging from trio through to a 15-piece large ensemble), this album captures the pair’s very first explorations in the duo format.