21 luglio 2016

Quando il Lightning Ensemble - un mutevole nucleo di musicisti di Manchester guidato da Richard Scott, ispirato alle indicazioni di John Stevens e all'esempio dello storico Spontaneous Music Ensemble - tenne il suo debutto berlinese l'anno scorso, presso il club Ausland, ebbe ospite prestigioso nel secondo set un imperturbabile Jon Rose: lo riporta il documento artigianale prodotto congiuntamente da Sound Anatomy e Vernacular Recordings, Auslanders. Lo si può ottenere tramite Bandcamp.

Richard Scott and Phillip Marks first played together in Manchester’s Bark! in the 1990s, alongside Rex Casswell and Robin Hayward. Out of this quite volatile collaboration they helped to develop a distinctive highly conversational, percussive and rhythmic “Manchester-style” of free improvisation, which is very much reflected in the contrapuntal textures and forms on this album, recorded live in concert at Ausland in Berlin in 2015. This hyper-interactive style of improvising, with individual lines subservient to the collective shaping of energies, owes much to seminal UK groups such as Spontaneous Music Ensemble and Music Improvisation Company but with a restless edginess that perhaps reflects a different time and no doubt something of the sociable and sometimes abrasive character of the city of Manchester itself. Jon Rose gamely agreed to meet the band onstage for the first time for the Lightning Ensemble’s Berlin debut concert at Ausland and appeared unfazed by the experience. The summer fireworks that ensued that evening are herby etched here in binary form for all to hear.