11 agosto 2016

Appare in questi giorni sul web una conversazione rimasta finora inedita di Éamon Sweeney con Robert Wyatt, condotta all'epoca di Comicopera, nel 2007: è in https://swench.net. Tra le molte altre cose Wyatt parla dell'allora recente - e per molti versi inatteso - passaggio all'etichetta Domino: "I can’t believe my luck. We had to leave the last record company because it was taken over by a vast anonymous gang from across the Atlantic so we scuttled off. I’m glad they’ve got a great reputation. I don’t follow music as closely as you do, but I can tell you that as people they’re just terrific. They’re bright, funny, intelligent and they work really hard. They have a similar spirit to Geoff Travis and Rough Trade. They’ve struck gold a couple of times lately, which has given them a profile that good people don’t always get. I’m so lucky to be able to benefit from that."