17 agosto 2016

Da un concerto di Terry Riley a Colonia nel dicembre 1974 è tratto il doppio album Rainbow in Cologne, contenente due sue composizioni assai famose - A Rainbow In Curved Air e Persian Surgery Dervishes - in versione inedita. Registrazioni probabilmente opera della WDR tedesca.

Minimalist composer Terry Riley premiered his work In C in 1964, a big influence on minimalism in contemporary composition and on subsequent works by composers like Philip Glass, Steve Reich and John Adams. 1967’s A Rainbow In Curved Air and its companion piece Poppy Nogood And The Phantom Band – both mixing repetition, electronics and tape-manipulation – were often performed in marathon, trance-inducing performances, and Riley was regarded a cult musician in avantgarde rock music circles. This 2-CD set presents previously unheard versions of two compositions, performed by Terry Riley on organ in Cologne, West Germany, 1971.