26 agosto 2016

Lo strepitoso debutto discografico di Naked City (Elektra / Nonesuch, 1990) torna oggi in circolazione in una ristampa in vinile prodotta dalla californiana Superior Viaduct / Stranded: "Naked City bears a stark cover photograph by Weegee – noted for his unsparing images of New York crime scenes – and features one of the more staggering "rock" lineups ever assembled: John Zorn on alto saxophone, guitarist Bill Frisell, bassist Fred Frith, drummer Joey Baron, keyboardist Wayne Horvitz, and vocalist Yamatsuka Eye. Naked City is a maelstrom of styles, veering recklessly between country, noise, New Orleans R&B, polka, and grindcore, with overtures from detective shows and film noir. In other words, it's a daring maelstrom of American musical vernacular. It also explodes the rock format's supposed limitation and retains a wildly intersectional listenership: devotees of punk, free jazz, and harsh noise celebrate Naked City. In short, as one writer put it, Naked City remains 'a pinnacle of avant coolness'."