30 agosto 2016

L'ultimo saluto personale a Gilli Smyth lo ha dato naturalmente il figlio Orlando, lunedì scorso: "She passed amongst loved ones reading poetry and singing at exactly 12pm Australian time today. She is flying to the infinite through all the bardots as we speak, so all your prayers of light, love gratitude and beaming energies are a shining light for her. Bless her psychedelic cotton socks, she will be in our and deeply in my heart forever. One of the strongest, most loving forgiving and powerful shakti being mums I have ever known. I give thanks for the blessing of her being, her example and shakti mumma presence and happy she is out of pain now and soon to be with Daevid, her dingo Virgin, and all her favourite animals."
Ma un ultimo commosso saluto avevano simbolicamente indirizzato a lei - e a Daevid Allen - le migliaia di ascoltatori di I See You (Madfish, 2014), in particolare del brano Shakti Yoni & Dingo Virgin conclusivo di quell'album dei Gong: lo si riascolta oggi in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WthkW9NMkxo