09 agosto 2016

Ripensando ai concerti in solo della primavera scorsa - e per la prima volta ammettendo a se stesso di essersi divertito - Bob Drake butta giù un pugno di canzoni immediatamente replicabili per voce e chitarra, nel caso ci siano presto nuove occasioni: Black Sulphur Spring, via Bandcamp.

Having enjoyed my recent solo gigs so much, I decided to write some new songs with the idea of being able to play them live and solo, unlike my usual way, which is to write songs with the idea of recording them, coming up with fancy arrangements and overdubbing all the instruments, never imagining I might ever try to play them “live”. So I wrote four new songs during late July/early August, songs I can perform live with just a guitar, and decided to record them as well. For the recordings I restricted myself to a maximum of two simultaneous guitars, because I can do that live using a little loop pedal, and there are no vocal harmonies.