22 settembre 2016

Il recupero in facsimile dell'intera serie di Musics ha prodotto un volume monstre di ottocento pagine di peso e ingombro e costo assai impegnativi, ma di notevolissimo valore. L'iniziativa editoriale, più che encomiabile, è della Ecstatic Peace Library, che in questo periodo ha allestito a Londra presso Tenderbooks un'interessante esposizione di ulteriori materiali. Informazioni: http://tenderbooks.co.uk

Musics was published, from 1975 to 1979, by musicians and artists on the London scene of free improvisation, focusing on the most innovative participants of their generation. Steve Beresford, David Toop, Annabel Nicholson, Evan Parker, David Cunningham, Lindsay Cooper, Eddie Prevost, John Russell, Derek Bailey, Valerie Wilmer, Hugh Davies, Peter Riley and many, many others contributed to the writing, graphics and photography. Musics was a blueprint for the interdisciplinary activities of sound art, field recording, free improvisation, live electronics, 20th century composition and audio culture. It came out six times a year and ran for twenty-three hand-assembled issues.

Founding Editor David Toop: “with rose-tinted affection I recall mass paste-up sessions with spray mount… a page of reviews of electronic music by women, written by Lily Greenham in 1978… in the same issue are five beautifully written and illustrated pages about listening in Greece. An Aural Sketchbook by Dave Veres was just one example of pieces about listening practice and field recording; others include Found Sounds by Michael Leggett, Sounds in Kyōdo by Kazuko Hohki, New York Sounds by Fred Frith and Sounds Heard at La Sainte-Baume by Hugh Davies. There are also invaluable accounts of groups such as The People Band, Feminist Improvising Group, CCMC, Los Angeles Free Music Society, MEV and the Dutch musicians associated with Instant Composers Pool. Interspersed among all this loamy archival material are a few essays of grinding tedium, snarky barbs of wit, barely decipherable photographs…”

Thurston Moore and Ecstatic Peace Library present an exhibition of Musics art and ephemera at Tenderbooks to celebrate the publication of Musics, a new 800-page complete facsimile of all 23 of the magazine issues.