24 settembre 2016

Il suo celebre In C viene suonato e interpretato ovunque e quasi da chiunque, ma è ormai rarissimo che a un'esecuzione partecipi direttamente anche lui, l'autore: Terry Riley. Accade eccezionalmente questa sera al Barbican a Londra, con la London Contemporary Orchestra. Wow.

You can hear Terry Riley’s influence in everything from piano music to techno and psychedelia. Here is a rare opportunity to see the composer himself participate in a performance of his most-celebrated piece ‘In C’, revisiting last year's collaboration with the London Contemporary Orchestra. Starting with a single pulsing ‘c’ note, ‘In C’ slowly builds into something constantly shifting and changing, with a trance-inducing rhythm at its heart. Part of the joy of seeing it live is that every performance is different, leaving the performers to interpret it as they wish. Damon Albarn, Brian Eno and Nick Zinner turned it into an infectious Afro-pop song for the Africa Express project, and Pantha du Prince transposed the piece onto bells, chimes and electronic pulses. Now it comes full-circle back to its composer, for his take on it over 50 years on. Joining Terry Riley are the London Contemporary Orchestra, featuring performers including Mica Levi, James McVinnie, Oliver Coates, Robert Ames and Liam Byrne. Opening the concert, Riley plays more intimate pieces solo and duo with his son, guitarist Gyan Riley.