03 settembre 2016

La polacca Not Two Records documenta con un'altra delle sue generose e raffinate produzioni gli effetti collaterali di una residenza artistica tenuta a Cracovia nel novembre di due anni fa da Barry Guy e la sua band, allora allo studio delle complesse partiture di The Blue Shroud: Tensegrity.

During the days leading up to the final concert of his 2014 residency in Krakow, Guy rehearsed his hand-picked band through the score for his ambitious new work “The Blue Shroud”. But in the evenings they broke into smaller subdivisions to improvise freely. That plan not only provided a way to promote familiarity and let off steam after a long day's intense rehearsal, but also sowed the seed for some of the improvisatory passages in the longer work. Each night there were three sets, each comprising up to three separate groupings. While everyone had links to the bassist, many of the participants had not worked together. So it was inevitable that there would be some first time meetings among the small formations.