09 settembre 2016

Stuart Maconie ospita Craig Fortnum della North Sea Radio Orchestra nel corso di un recente episodio della serie Freak Zone per BBC Radio 6 Music. La puntata è quella del 28 agosto; si parla dell'ultimo album del gruppo - il loro quarto, Dronne - e della particolare influenza di Robert Wyatt nel processo compositivo seguito dal leader: “Being the composer and producer has lead to me having total control over all aspects of making NSRO records. This way of working is of course a double-edged sword as spontaneity and inspiration can be lost under all that control. Robert Wyatt seems to tread the line between the two with great skill, incorporating lots of elements of chance into his albums. Re-working his songs while trying to maintain freedom within the arrangements has been a great inspiration while making 'Dronne'. This record features lots of improvising which I have edited and manipulated; certain accidents within have been left intact – these elements of chance are a real antedote to the necessary 'microscoping' and control-freakery needed to create NSRO records”. Il gruppo, ben avvezzo a materiali wyattiani, in quest'occasione propone The British Road.