25 ottobre 2016

Anni fa ne esisteva un'edizione in cd per il solo mercato giapponese, ora torna a circolare più diffusamente grazie a Bamboo il primo album di Annette Peacock con Paul Bley, Dual Unity (Freedom, 1972): contiene quattro estratti dai rocamboleschi concerti compiuti dal duo al debutto in Europa nel 1970, nell'epoca pionieristica dell'avvento del sintetizzatore Moog, con l'apporto di Han Bennink, Mario Pavone e Laurence Cook.

Bamboo present a reissue of the debut album by Annette Peacock & Paul Bley, Dual Unity, originally released in 1972 as a statement of immensity through synthetic minimalism, and a milestone in the avant-garde, free jazz movement. Annette Peacock's legacy may only just be courting recognition proper with the recent retrospective release of her solo debut I'm The One (1972). Hailed as a pioneer and artistic genius by many, her debut album and predecessor to I'm The One captures Peacock in her element alongside husband, Canadian jazz genius Paul Bley. Dual Unity is a landscape of aural vision captured on tape in 1970 during their first European tour. For 33 minutes and 21 seconds, the listener is absorbed by other spirits. Using Robert Moog's earliest synthesizers, Bley and Peacock apply the strategic use of silence to indicate its reflective nature with captivating results. Now professionally re-mastered original sound recording with expansive liners, interviews and rare archival photos.