29 ottobre 2016

Bob Drake, Bing Selfish, Steve MacLean, Alan Jenkins, Fred Frith Trio, Ossatura, Jump for Joy!, una messe di Avram e Dumitrescu, dvd, nuovi libri, antichi vinili e un imperdibile box antologico di ZnR in sottoscrizione... Sono molti i bei titoli tra le proposte di ReR Megacorp nell'aggiornamento di ottobre 2016 al catalogo di materiali propri e in distribuzione. Con un'amara avvertenza: "Apologies in advance for the price of new US imports, but the democratic will of 1.8% of the British people, abetted by the chancers and fantasists who run the country, has decreed that we shall leave the European Union, with the result that investors, seeing the way the wind is blowing, have been dumping sterling on the open market ever since with the knock-on result that the price of the dollar has risen 15% since the vote. This means if we sold us imports at the old price we’d now be losing money on them. So we have to raise our prices. Unhappily, the same is likely soon to apply to the euro. We’ll hold our old stock at old prices as long we can, and keep rises we can’t avoid as low as possible."