02 ottobre 2016

Riedizioni di lusso in vinile nero o colorato per gli storici lavori dei Camberwell NowMeridianThe Ghost Trade e Greenfingers - per opera dell'etichetta statunitense Light in the Attic, la stessa che a inizio anno ha rivisitato il catalogo This Heat. Ci sono tutti i materiali ufficiali, un paio di brani extra, testi, foto d'epoca e nuove note di copertina: protagonisti Charles Hayward, Stephen Rickard, Trefor Goronwy, e in Greenfingers anche Maria Lamburn.

Arriving in 1986, The Ghost Trade, the group’s sole full-length LP, was what existed at the confluence of live performance and studio experimentation. Similar to This Heat’s process, the group spent two years in Cold Storage experimenting with the studio and assembling finished songs from vast quantities of tapes. Their two EPs, re-issued as The EP Collection, were borne of a similar process but each with unique yields. The tracks that eventually formed The Ghost Trade were songs forged in the bleak beauty of Thatcher’s London. “To me, the sounds invoked humanity trapped behind and inside a world constructed of glass, steel, and concrete, frozen inside the textures like prisoners of the twilight zone, humanity haunting a landscape it had made for itself,” says Hayward.