11 ottobre 2016

Torna a scrivere per la gioia dei suoi lettori canterburyani Phil Howitt, autore della storica fanzine Facelift, attiva a fasi alterne per una decina d'anni tra il 1989 e il 1999. Lo fa aprendo un blog dal nome che è esplicito più di un programma: The Canterbury scene(zine) continued… ('Random ramblings nearly 30 years further on from a Canterbury scene veteran'). Bentornato Phil!

"In 1989 I started up a fanzine called Facelift - it proudly trumpetted its aim to cover the ‘Canterbury scene and beyond’. Over the years myself and other like-minded writers interviewed the likes of Daevid Allen, Hugh Hopper, Steve Hillage, Dave Stewart, Phil Miller, Gilli Smyth, Jakko M Jakszyk, Tim Blake, Pip Pyle and numerous others, whilst reviewing the studio and live work of countless musicians within the ‘scene’, whatever that may be. In 1999, a bit burnt out and embarking on a new adventure in my personal life, the fanzine fizzled out. A website appeared in 2006 at http://www.faceliftmagazine.co.uk, mainly to shift some back issues of the ‘zine. It never got updated, but still exists (and you can still buy back issues there). In 2016, an unscheduled visit to Kozfest, a ‘psychedelic dream’ festival in which Gong and various related bands performed, rather blew my mind and set me thinking about writing again. I’d never intended to stop Facelift, really, it’s just that running a fanzine (or indeed a website) can become very much a full-time job (and I already have one of those). Maybe a blog would be the perfect way to start rambling on again about the music that I love. These are my first written thoughts 17 years on – please let me know if you want more…!"