18 ottobre 2016

Una ristampa in cd era apparsa nel 1995 per la FMR di Trevor Taylor, ma a quanto pare è questa di Fledg’ling Records la versione autorizzata dallo stesso John Surman di Morning Glory, uno dei suoi primi capolavori come solista in proprio, realizzato con Terje Rypdal, John Taylor, Malcolm Griffiths, Chris Laurence e John Marshall. Originariamente era su Island, nel 1973. Le note di copertina per questa edizione sono di Duncan Heining.

At the time of its original release in 1973, Morning Glory seemed a surprising departure for John Surman. It seemed to owe more to the music being made by Miles Davis, Weather Report and Tony Williams’ Lifetime in the USA or Ian Carr’s Nucleus and Soft Machine in the UK than it did to the often abstract, free but determinedly acoustic music that Surman had pioneered up to that point. Hindsight tells another story. Morning Glory stands as both a consolidation of his work to date and, like the solo Westering Home (also re-issued by Fledg’ling), it offers a signpost for his work in subsequent years. Surman chose his partners for the recording very carefully, drawing from his friends and trusted collaborators. In particular, Terje Rypdal on electric guitar and John Taylor on both acoustic and electric pianos allows for an expanded musical palette. The rhythm section of Malcolm Griffiths on trombone, Chris Laurence on bass and John Marshall’s chattering drums lay down a remarkably elastic rhythmic counterpoint. All of these musical signatures would become even more evident in his later recordings for ECM. Re-mastering from the original master tapes supervised by John Surman.