15 novembre 2016

Collaborazione a distanza con esito prodigioso: Beauty Is In The Distance, di Luciano Margorani e Federico Zenoni con Dave Newhouse. Esce ora per ADN/ArtistiDel900, e potrebbe esserci presto una seconda puntata...

Spiega Newhouse: "When Luciano asked me if I'd like to add some tracks to an improvisation of his, I naturally said yes (I'm always open to making music with my overseas friends). I was shocked, however, when he sent the reference track for me to load onto my studio software; it was over 40 minutes long! And it was one complete entity! Listening back to it, I realized that he and Federico had recorded this monster live, together, in one sitting. It was clear that the two of them already shared a very strong musical bond. But what really grabbed my attention was how structured it seemed to be; it had many varied musical elements, moments, and stages already enmeshed in it - powerful jazz rock sections, quiet modern classical bits, straight up jazz improvisation, moments of RIO, etc. And the pacing of it came off as very natural. It seemed to breathe as it moved along. I decided early on that I wanted my tracks to sound like I was also right in the room with them as they played, to try to come off as natural as Luciano and Federico already sounded together. I hope I succeeded in that."