23 novembre 2016

Dalle pagine del suo splendido blog Legends In Their Own Lunchtime Aymeric Leroy indaga - come forse mai nessuno prima - sulle vicende di due musicisti che in epoche diverse han fatto parte dei Soft Machine, prima di affrontare incerti e oscuri destini: Phil Howard e Larry Nowlin.
Destino incerto e oscuro spetta al momento anche all'altro e più celebre spazio informativo di Leroy, lo storico Calyx, temporaneamente inaccessibile sul web: "The website has been down as a result of my Internet provider of 18 years (SFR, formerly Club-Internet) deciding to unilaterally suspend all users’ personal pages with no explanation, excuse or compensation. An announcement to this effect was made some months ago, to widespread disbelief, and I assumed this was a blunder or joke on their part. Unfortunately, this decision is now in effect, and Calyx has been taken down. Needless to say, I will cancel my subscription and change providers as soon as possible, and the website will be back online. Sorry for the inconvience."