08 novembre 2016

Lo straordinario incontro tra Evan ParkerYukihiro Isso durante il festival Noh Reimagined promosso al Kings Place londinese lo scorso maggio è in un filmato disponibile da qualche giorno su YT. Kevin Le Gendre ne descrive un momento per Jazzwise: "Parker and Isso are at opposite sides of the stage and between them a half circle of three drummer-vocalists sit upright with unflinching poise. From the moment the players assemble under the lights the defining visual image is one of statuesque rigidity. Backs straight, heads high and faces inscrutable with concentration they are akin to taut strings on an invisible bow that vibrates potently as Isso and Parker unfurl a wide variety of phrasing that moves from onrushing streams to more tangential trails concluded with a playful suspense. As flinty and piercing as ever, Parker’s soprano assumes the role of a kind of ghost bass next to the whirring, fluttering crescendos of Isso’s flutes, of which there are eight, one looking very much like a buffalo horn with holes drilled into its middle. Pulling each instrument from his waistband as a warrior would a sword, Isso moves with dazzling stealth from one key signature to another, the highpoint of his ingenuity being the moment he deploys three flutes in a hail of Rahsaan Roland Kirk multi-phonics that frame a charming nursery rhyme-like melody. Parker’s ‘undergrowth rustle’ vocabulary makes a suitably primal backdrop, as his explorations of timbre are as shadowy as they are luminous."