12 novembre 2016

Sempre molto presente agli appuntamenti londinesi che danno spazio alla musica improvvisata, Steve Beresford è stato visto di recente alla festa d'anniversario di Mark Wastell per la sua Confront Recordings al Cafe Oto - dove rimpiazzava Keith Tippett, assente per motivi di salute - e giocoso protagonista poche sere dopo di una delle imprevedibili iniziative di Strange Umbrellas da Foyles, in questo caso in compagnia di Mandhira de Saram, Jack Goldstein, Anna Homler e dell'immancabile Blanca Regina. Geoff Winston scrive in LondonJazz del suo sublime intervento al Cafe Oto: "Beresford shares with Tippett a supremely inquisitive route to the potential of the instrument. The area above and within the piano wires became the playground for a train of part-predictable events which he set in motion with a variety of interventions and implements - some tiny and battery-operated with their own lives - in tandem with direct, virtuosic keyboard technique. This two-pronged attack enshrined the aims of engaging and surprising the audience but also set in train an overlapping sequence of events which would surprise and occasionally ambush him, too. As with Tippett, jazz in all its flavours is a fundamental reference for Beresford and at the keyboard suggestions of lyrical Ellington rubbed shoulders with the attack of Cecil Taylor."