18 novembre 2016

Son tornate in pista più vispe che mai Irène Schweizer, Maggie Nicols e Joëlle Léandre, con concerti in questi giorni a Brighton, Derby, domani a Londra e poi Bristol: Les Diaboliques!

Blurring the lines between free improv and cabaret, with a wickedly satirical edge, three fiercely independent spirits draw on some five decades of creative energy at the heart of European free improvisation with a collective history that stretches back to the Spontaneous Music Ensemble of the 1960s, and an extraordinary catalogue of collaborations, from Derek Bailey to Han Bennink to Louis Moholo-Moholo to much, much more. British vocalist Maggie Nicols, French bassist Joëlle Léandre and Swiss pianist Irène Schweizer formed Les Diaboliques in the early 90s – this is a rare opportunity to experience the artistry and intuitive chemistry of a seminal European ensemble.