05 dicembre 2016

Dalla valanga di titoli vecchi e nuovi da poco (ri)messi in circolazione Eugene Chadbourne estrae un paio di suoi preferiti e saluta così un fruttuosissimo 2016: Let's Get Weird But Comfortable e Monk's Dream With Words.

"In October I rehearsed a quintet for a live recording session in Boston. This material came out very well and I am happy to present Let's Get Weird But Comfortable, a superbly recorded and mixed collection of material featuring myself with Jeb Bishop, trombone, Jorrit Dykstra, saxophone, Nate McBride, bass and Curt Newton, bass. An audience member described the band as "weird but comfortable" and this became the name of the combo, others that have heard this phrase are developing it into a life philosophy. The set includes music by Thelonius Monk, Misha Mengelberg, Steve Lacy, Duke Ellington, Doc Chad, Willie Nelson and The James Gang."

"More of the Monk material with this band spills over into the second disc, Monk's Dream With Words. This disc featuring three different band combinations collects all my material up til now with sets of lyrics for Thelonious Monk tunes. In addition to Weird But Comfortable, there is a track with the Arbe Garbe Band (Berlusconi's take on Ruby My Dear) and the results of three different recording sessions at the Degenfeld "German Hippie Farmhouse" studio with Ekehard Rossli, saxophone and Schroeder, drums, both stalwart members of the ongoing Doc Chad Contemporary Rock Band project. The "super!" Degenfeld collection of vintage instruments is utilized to give this collection a rich guitar sound. If you are familiar with my discography you know I love Monk and creating sets of lyrics is one of my favorite pastimes for his music, meanwhile we all keep practicing trying to play these songs as well as possible."