07 dicembre 2016

Il richiamo a Joan Crawford è svanito del tutto, nondimeno qualche oooh! di ammirazione lo ha suscitato la versione manga della celebre immagine di copertina dell'album di Hatfield and the North The Rotters' Club. La storia dell'originale - opera di Laurie Lewis, come quella del primo capitolo Hatfield - è raccontata in dettaglio da Aymeric Leroy al suo blog.

"The basic premise of the cover was the existence of an actual organisation named The Rotters’ Club, which wasn’t quite as fictitious as it may have seemed – begun as an informal partnership between Pyle, Elton Dean, road manager Benji Lefèvre and guitarist Bernie Holland (of Jody Grind, Hummingbird and Jeff Beck’s Diamond Dust fame) as a banner for all sorts of extreme practical jokes, it eventually morphed into an occasional gigging band, most memorably for a Christmas gig in 1977 involving Dave Stewart, Gary Windo and assorted members of Patto. As for the front cover, the idea was that the Club would receive fan mail, which would be answered by a beautiful young secretary identified (thanks to her signature) as Ruby Crystal, who happened to resemble a famous Hollywood actress... "