11 dicembre 2016

Un lungo e dettagliato intervento del fratello di Bob Drake, Dave, aiuta a seguire le incredibili avventure di Dret Tancat nel Multiverso al centro dell'epico nuovo album Arx Pilosa, finalmente concesso alle stampe e alla distribuzione tramite ReR. Con tanto di tavole artistiche in regalo ai sostenitori della prima ora e fiori di scuse al loro indirizzo per l'indesiderato ritardo. Frickin' supah!

Dice Cutler: "This is such a remarkable piece of work I don’t know where to begin. Anyone who liked the idea-rich, sonically breathtaking and compositionally daring pop music of the '60s, will recognise in these 20 perfectly crafted songs a similar mixture of pop-sensibility and radical innovation, but now recast in contemporary terms and not as pastiche or imitation. If you have hesitated thus far, now’s the time to enter the intensely musical world of the Drakian Academy, where unassuming virtuosity and state of the art studio practice are merely means to greater ends. I know we’ve all heard everything these days, but you haven’t heard this."