14 gennaio 2017

Il divertimento è pressoché assicurato con la collezione ora definitiva dei singoli prodotti in carriera da Sun Ra tra il 1952 e il 1991, grazie a Strut Records: Sun Ra ‎– Singles (The Definitive 45's Collection 1952–1991). E si può sceglierne il formato: cd, digitale, vinile e strabilianti repliche in sette pollici...

The immense output of Sun Ra and his many backing bands, coupled with the limited production of many of his releases has long defied dedicated collectors. Parallel to a vast list of LP releases, Sun Ra released numerous 45 RPM singles; one-off meteorites from his prolific cosmic journey. Working closely with Sun Ra LLC and Art Yard Records, it is with great pride that Strut presents a definitive collection of the rare singles released by Sun Ra across his illustrious career, spanning 1952 to 1991. Released prolifically during the 1950s and more sporadically thereafter, primarily on the Saturn label, the 45s trace the development of Sun Ra’s forward-thinking “Space-Bop” and his unique take on jazz and blues traditions which remains unlike anything else from the period. As with his LPs, most 45s were only pressed in small runs and have since become extremely rare and sought after. Some have only been discovered in physical form in recent years; some were planned and penciled but allegedly never made it to vinyl and some appeared as one-off magazine singles and posthumous releases. Singles: The Definitive 45 Collection is released in one volume on CD, and two volumes on vinyl across two release dates.