02 gennaio 2017

Non tutti avranno potuto procurarsi il nuovo album dei Negativland Over the Edge Vol. 9: The Chopping Channel nella specialissima confezione contenente le ultime tracce - letteralmente! - del compianto Don Joyce (1944-2015), né aggirare i problemi creati da PayPal al momento della prenotazione. Il lavoro è tornato ora regolarmente disponibile per la generalità del pubblico, con un piccolo risarcimento graziosamente offerto da Wobbly, nel gruppo ormai in pianta stabile: Independent Therapy.

Scrive Wobbly: "The Chopping Channel began as a 'band' that would perform on Negativland's Over The Edge radio program, and consisted of Don Joyce, Peter Conheim, myself, and usually a visiting guest fourth member (which, over the years, included: Yasuhiro Otani, David Wills, Vicki Bennett, Katie Vida, Thomas Dimuzio, and Porest). Material created for 'The Chopping Channel' would often end up incorporated into Negativland studio pieces, and the dividing line between the two groups pretty much evaporated when I formally joined Negativland a few years ago. (That technically makes this CD my first appearance as a member of the group, although that's been a fairly arbitrary line to draw for a while now). About 66% of the audio for the disc was taken from the December 20th, 2007 episode 'World Radio World' featuring Mark Gergis (aka Porest), an mp3 edit of which appeared on my website a while back. The CD version is extensively reedited from that mp3 release, adding a lot of new material and a drastically revised ending, all taken from the February 19th, 2009 sequel 'World Radio World II'. If previous OTE CDs were a bit more archival in nature, trying to capture the spontaneous feeling of the improvised broadcasts, this new CD is without a doubt the most audibly re-edited in the series."