27 gennaio 2017

Si tiene a Bergen (Norvegia) questo fine settimana l'edizione 2017 del festival di musica senza musica Off The Page. Al cuore del programma conferenze, incontri, interviste pubbliche, performance radiofoniche, una mostra-mercato e una rassegna di video documentari di tema musicale: tra questi domani c'è anche Free Will and Testament-The Robert Wyatt Story (2003), in perfetto tempismo con il compleanno del Nostro.

Have you ever been to a concert and felt that the conversation you had at the bar about the music was just as interesting as the music on stage? Off The Page turns down the volume on stage and directs the spotlight to the conversation. At Landmark in Bergen Kunsthall you will meet musicians, writers, composers, critics and artists who gather to talk about and explore ideas around music - why it means so much and how it can make a difference in our lives. With Off The Page, we want to bridge the genre gaps and focus on the ideas behind and around music. The festival is structured as a live version of the music magazine The Wire, with talks, lectures, panels and performances. We also present a set of relevant films about music and a rich, alternative music market.