28 gennaio 2017

Una dozzina di partecipanti agli incontri di improvvisazione tenuti a Londra da Eddie Prévost a cadenza prima settimanale (il venerdì) e poi mensile (presso il Cafe Oto) si riunisce questa sera all'Iklectik per una rara interpretazione integrale del lavoro di Cornelius Cardew Treatise (1963-1967). Proiezioni alle spalle dei musicisti permetteranno al pubblico di seguire in tempo reale lo scorrere della celebre partitura grafica (193 pagine).
In una nota al programma si legge: "Once described as “The Mount Everest of graphic scores”, Treatise raises questions about the purpose and interpretation of scores, forcing the performers to rethink their engagement with both the intentions of the composer, and their own instruments. Rather than organising the performers in the usual manner of a score, Treatise engages the performers using the uncertainties of notation, magnified to such a degree by the composer that the performer must rely, in the moment, upon their experience and intuition as they respond to the score and to their fellow performers alike. It is modestly hoped that this performance will help to highlight that Cardew remains an extremely important modern British composer who passed on much too young, and we hope to honor him and his legacy."