09 febbraio 2017

Arpe al plurale, vapori elettronici e piccola folla di oggetti nel nuovo album di Zeena Parkins, realizzato con Nuiko Wadden, Kristen Theriault, Megan Conley, con lo zampino di Ikue Mori: Three Harps, Tuning Forks & Electronics, per la newyorkese Good Child Music.

Three Harps, Tuning Forks & Electronics represents a return to Parkins' most essential form, while extending her unique voice and musical language into the world of concert music. A translation of the music written for her 2008 collaboration with choreographer Neil Greenberg entitled Really Queer Dance With Harps, Three Harps transforms her original improvised score into a stand alone, composed piece anchored in Zeena’s pioneering use of “extended technique”. Utilizing the entire apparatus of the harp and various objects to create and process sound, Zeena and two additional harpists elicit a tangible sense of movement from their unusual processes, resulting in a harp record unquestionably like no other.