28 aprile 2017

A poco più di un anno dal debutto, proprio in questo luogo, torna a deliziare il selezionato pubblico del Vout-O-Reenee's londinese il jazz cabaret di Paintbox Jane, ideato da Mike e Kate Westbrook attorno alla figura del pittore e scenografo francese Raoul Dufy (1877-1953). Nel frattempo il programma si è evoluto e ampliato - ne scrive la stessa Jane del titolo su LondonJazz - e in formazione, anziché Chris Biscoe, ora c'è Alan Wakeman, in buona forma dopo i malanni dell'anno scorso. Per due sere consecutive, stasera e domani.

A joyful new jazz cabaret, Paintbox Jane, with words by Kate Westbrook and music by Mike Westbrook, is currently on tour. This is a small-scale jazz theatre piece in the tradition of previous Westbrook shows Platterback, Art Wolf and The Ass. It is billed as “a celebration of Raoul Dufy’s paintings and a meditation on the nature of Art in words and music”.
The Westbrooks, both of whom studied Art, have pondered the subject in various musical projects over many years. Indeed, vocalist and lyricist Kate Westbrook has a parallel career as a painter, recently exhibiting her painting series Diana and Actaeon in London.
The cabaret is performed by Westbrook & Company – Kate Westbrook, Martine Waltier and Billy Bottle, voices, Marcus Vergette, double bass, Alan Wakeman, saxophones, Mike Westbrook, piano and actor Tim Goodwin as Raoul Dufy. (Incidentally Marcus Vergette is also a practising artist – a sculptor. He has work around the country and abroad – in London his Harmonic Cannon, two bronze bells on an oak structure, is currently on public display at Trinity College of Music, Greenwich, which coincidentally holds the Westbrook Collection of scores).