19 aprile 2017

Sid Smith recupera un badge con l'immagine stilizzata presa dalla celebre copertina di Reg Cartwright per Bundles per introdurre il suo personale ricordo di Allan Holdsworth: Remembering Allan Holdsworth taking flight...

"He often burned brightest in the company of others where his obsessional perfection could be harnessed or focussed in a way that showed his unconventional brilliance to its best effect. If Holdsworth could sometimes be frustrating with his habit of abruptly taking flight himself as he moved on to the next gig that caught his eye, his inspired approach broke free of the usual gravitational norms of the instrument to such a degree that most of his collaborators, though sometimes angry and disappointed at the time, nevertheless came to regard it as a privilege to have been able to witness his starry inventions first hand."