20 aprile 2017

Varie dichiarazioni di Allan Holdsworth riguardo il suo periodo nei Soft Machine sono raccolte nel libretto, curato da Aymeric Leroy, che accompagna l'album Floating World Live (MoonJune Records, 2006) ricavato da una registrazione del gennaio 1975 per Radio Bremen. Un passaggio sull'argomento è anche in un'intervista raccolta nel 2008 da Anil Prasad per Innerviews, con un cenno al progetto Soft Works, precursore della Legacy: "I met John Marshall and Karl Jenkins through the Musicians’ Union. There was a guy at the union who was organizing some clinics for Soft Machine, but he wanted a guitarist in there as well. He asked Soft Machine if they would consider doing these clinics with an extra guy and they said “Sure.” So I rehearsed with the band and we did four or five clinics. After, they asked if I would join the band and I said “Yeah.” There was a lot of freedom in the group. Most of their pieces were quite simple harmonically, but they were in odd time signatures which was something going on at the time. I can’t count anyway, so everything is in one to me, but I really dug it. I love Karl, John, Roy Babbington, and Mike Ratledge. It was a lot of fun. I revisited Soft Machine with the Soft Works project. I felt it was something I should do, but it became a logistics problem with the three guys being in England and me being in America. Another reason for why we didn’t do more is because sadly, Elton Dean passed away. That was really tragic. Before he went on a vacation to Tahiti in 2004, he stopped at my house and spent a couple of days with me. On his last day with me, we went to the golf club to get a few beers, then he left and it was the last time I saw him."