16 maggio 2017

E a proposito della bravissima Heather Leigh, chi ne segue più assiduamente le imprese già sa che un po' del suo distintivo lavoro alla chitarra orizzontale - rubato al Cafe Oto londinese a gennaio dell'annno scorso, durante una prova tecnica - è rintracciabile nella nuova affascinante colonna sonora realizzata da Simon Fisher Turner per il film di Makino Takashi Picture From Darkness, un ideale rimando ventitré anni dopo all'indimenticabile Blue di Derek Jarman.

Speiga Turner: "It's a very electronic piece for me. I went back to my early electronic roots of Terry Riley and then Morton Feldman's Rothko Chapel ideas. I used software I have called MARX - it's pure, and simple. I also wanted natural sounds and they came from wood sound baffles from the new National Theatre in Tokyo. Two other musicians also let me use tapes I have of them - Heather Leigh from a soundcheck at Cafe Oto, and Lucy Railton let me use a cello recording she made for me for another film soundtrack. The film is a wonderful abstract colour dream film and I feel Takashi and I have made a firm friendship and a good collaboration. He let me be free, and he is alive. Most directors really want to dictate how they imagine the music. I thought very long and hard about this and James Aparicio and I made it over two days on his studio. It's like sounddream come true for me."